Why Parents Love Shammies Juniors

Petersham Junios Rugby Union


we take one and all – rugby is unique in how it welcomes kids of all shapes and sizes – your child will always be welcome


Every coach, manager, committee member and parent is driven by one united goal – that our kids have fun and spend as much time on the field as possible – absolutely EVERYONE is driven by this goal.

Safety and development

From the non-tackling formative years onwards, your child’s safety and development is paramount.


Kids get to play representative rugby from u10’s upwards as part of the Sydney University district.

Friendships and community

You get to meet and develop lasting friendships with a great bunch of local families – at training, on the sidelines of games and at some wonderful club functions throughout the year – not to mention the opportunity of going touring together.

Sense of Club

Your child will train and bond with EVERY other child in their age group, not just the players in their team. 

Connection with history

Shammies Juniors are connected with Shammies Seniors, which was formed in 1883, making it Australia’s 2nd oldest rugby club.


“Our four children's rugby skills and confidence have been accelerated by their involvement with Shammies Rugby. They have had very positive influences from excellent role models and they have forged great friendships with their team mates. The dedication of the coaches in all the age groups and their support staff is second to none. This is a fantastic program that you have here .... go the Shammies.” 

“We were overawed by the lovely sense of community that the club has. The other parents are lovely people and have made us feel so welcome - the support given to the kids regardless of their skill level is really great. It seemed to engender confidence in them – it certainly did in Alex.”

“Our son is absolutely LOVING his rugby.  He loves the team, the training sessions, the games and the coaches of course.  He would be very happy if it just kept going all year.  He feels like he is getting better and getting more ball in the games and that is really motivating.  I am so glad we found Shammies, it has been a great success. Huge thank you to you and the Club.” 

“Our boys have absolutely loved the season!  They loved making new friends, learning how to play, going to training, and especially the time their coaches spent with them.  They have really grown in confidence on the field, and in their team.  I love that the boys are now running in the right direction with the ball.  I have enjoyed getting to know other parents, spending time at training and at games.  You get a sense of community from the club which is wonderful.”

“As a collective...our family have had an unbelievable time getting involved with the Shammies juniors this year. Ruby was apprehensive at first, as were we.  But she's loved every minute of training and the match day experience and cannot wait to get started again next season!!”

“The first match of the under 6s was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. You could package that up and make a TV show about it. Kids running everywhere, tries scored all over the place, parents in stitches. Brilliant. Laughs every week after that. Great bunch of kids and parents.”

“As a new member of the Shammies club we didn't know what to expect but WOW what a year!  We were made to feel very welcome by the whole team from our excellent manager and coach to the parents and kids … it's been a fantastic year."

“It was amazing to see the kids’ development over the season. In their first game they could barely stand in a straight line.... in the last game they were retreating back 5m, defending in a line and throwing dummy passes. Can’t wait until the u7s!"

“The team have really gelled this year. All members have improved both with individual skills as well as working together as a team. They have a genuine competitive edge, and their only real disappointment was not being able to take it up to Drummoyne Black. Congratulations team and coach!” 

“I don't think there's anything as entertaining as U6's rugby until you get to the professionals. Tries on sidelines, half way lines and I even saw an own goal once (if that's even possible). I think, at least I hope, that this year we managed to achieve what I think is the primary objective of under 6's - helping them to have enough fun playing rugby to want to come back next year. Big ups all involved!” 

“After a match this season my son Cooper turned to me & said “HEY DAD THAT WAS AWESOME, CAN I PLAY FIRST GRADE NEXT SEASON..”

"Oliver has had such a terrific time learning rugby whilst experiencing exceptional team mateship, support and growth. Margherita and I are so grateful to have Oliver be part of such a great community. A special shout out to you Michael Chanter and all the coaching and management staff. As a Dad I feel so proud to have been part of the Shammies community. What could be better than the Friday nights with a beer, cheese and great company at our very own weekly live match.”

“How do you sum up the year…a year of learning and fun.  The kids have made awesome progress in understanding the game, learning new skills and have made great friendships along the way.  Exactly what rugby should be about! The u6 coaches and managers were incredible!  The patience of saints and always making sure every player had their moment to shine. "

"After years of playing soccer, my son is now hooked on rugby. When he started with the Shammies this year he didn't know the kids or the game very well, but by the end of the season he has scored some tries and is organising play dates!!” 

“Another brilliant season.  Thanks to Ben, Dave and all the support crew.  Pleasure to share the sideline with such a superb group of #shammyfamilies who cheered the entire squad through nail biting losses and thumping victories alike #beef #operahwinfrey #giveittodiesel”

“The boys have demonstrated great enthusiasm and have really improved throughout the season.  They have been an absolute pleasure to watch.  The ‘teamship’, fun and passion has just been fantastic to see.

As a parent, I am so happy for all the kids, and especially Hugo for really showing persistence, and knowing that if he tries, he really can do great things.

Thanks to all the coaches and managers, they are an amazing group of inspiring superstars. Such a great club to be a part of – as a first time parent/player, and as a single mum to a little boy…thank you!”

“Jack loved the maroons huddle before the games.  We all thought Danny’s musical defence at training was hilarious but pure genius.  The way all the coaches embraced players of all abilities, and made sure everyone got a turn with the ball and scored a few tries was excellent.” 

Raja and her family play junior rugby union

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Petersham Junior Rugby Since 1883

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