Why Kids Love Shammies Juniors

Petersham Junios Rugby Union

Fun, fun, fun

They have a ball learning the game with their friends, their coach and in front of their families.


Every game throws up different scenarios - it challenges the kids to think and strategize.  You will be very surprised how rugby makes them think from such a young age.


Rugby is a game where kids are stimulated throughout the whole game – there is no ‘down time’ – it is very unique in this respect.

Home ground atmosphere

When they reach u10’s and start playing home and away games, they get the feel of loving their home ground.  The atmosphere at Camperdown Oval  is 2nd to none – the kids love it!


“I love playing rugby so much.  I got to play with a new team and I loved helping the some new team mates play rugby for the first time.”

“My favourite thing was the running with the ball. And scoring tries. And the dodging.”

"I loved the very first game because I won the medal and I loved the very last game because we met the Tah Man! And I loved scoring tries!"

“I loved training, playing with my team, running the ball, and scoring tries.”

“I loved the experience of being taught how to tackle, meeting my fabulous team mates and playing front row in the scrum."

Raja and her family play junior rugby union

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Petersham Junior Rugby Since 1883

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