The 1883 honour is proudly awarded to the players that the coaches deem to have epitomised the spirit of Shammies Rugby (Inner West Rugby Union Club). They play and train their hardest each and every week and always put the team ahead of themselves. This week we profile u11s Samuel Rudd from the 2019 season:

Ever the leader, a calm presence in the middle of any battle. Was always in the thick of things, creating great links between the forwards and the backs throughout the year. Game of the season, second last game. With the game looking like it was about to be a white wash, the opposition raced down the side for what looked like an easy try only to see Sam Rudd come from the other side of the field and pull off crashing try saving tackle in goal. Helping to turn the game on its head.

For all 1883 winners please see our honour board page.

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