Under 12's

Petersham Junios Rugby Union

In Summary: Train Thursdays / Friday night or Sunday morning games at Camperdown or Away / tackle / lots of action

We love watching our under 12’s because at this age teams play with a full 15-a-side. The players have a good grasp of the basics and are coming together as a team. Players start to develop a strong preference for their favourite position and discover how to come together as a cohesive unit.

Competition and Calendar

The players enjoy some minor modifications to the game, but this format is very close to full rugby as we see on TV. The program each week starts with training on Thursday at Camperdown Oval. Your team will choose to be a Friday night or Sunday morning team and play its games at Camperdown Oval or away at other clubs’ home grounds.

Game Format

Players must have turned 11 by 1st January to qualify for an Under 12's team. Age dispensation applies as per Under 10’s.  Full details can be found here, but below is a summary.

  • 15-a-side tackle
  • Full field less, 10m L:100m, W:60m
  • 2 x 25mins
  • Lineout: 7 players, Contested. No lifting
  • Scrum: 8 players, Contested 1m push