Petersham Junios Rugby Union


Dont hang up your boots! Use your knowledge and Become a Referee!

Petersham Juniors Rugby Union Club, in conjunction with the Sydney South Rugby Referees Association and Rugby AU, support and encourage the next generation of home grown Rugby Referees.

Refereeing is an excellent option for our young players, and interested family members, to contribute to our game.

Use your knowledge learnt on the field, combined with comprehensive online resources and face to face training, to become a Rugby Referee.  Learn the difference between 7s and XVs, mini's, juniors & seniors rugby to support players in playing their best possible game.

Good game management is the cornerstone of fantastic, safe, enjoyable rugby.

For more information visit Rugby AU Referee - Get involved

Watch Shammies Refs in action and learn why they love refereeing so much: