Get Involved

Petersham Junios Rugby Union

Our club is built on the involvement of family, friends and community.  The cooperation and collaboration of our parent group is enormous and it gives the kids AND the parent group so much.

There are lots of ways you can help.  We promise it will give you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

  • Coach - helping kids develop their rugby skills and build long-lasting friendships
  • Manage - help teams get organised - gear, logistics, players, etc
  • First aid - provide safety support at the ground
  • Ground marshalling - prepare and manage all equipment at the ground
  • Sponsor (partners)- financial support for jerseys, gear and tours
  • BBQ Masterchef - cook up a storm for the club BBQ
  • Fundraisers - help manage events to raise money
  • Social Organisers - bring families together for fun celebrations
  • Gear & Kit Manager - coordinate that all players have all the gear for a game
  • Help spread the word - Tell everyone you can about rugby union and the Shammies. Bring a friend to practice. Like and share our social posts.

If you want to get involved, please let your coach or manager know or anyone from the Committee.

Resources to help promote the Shammies

The following downloads are available to anyone who wants to help promote the Shammies:

  1. Put them in your school newsletter
  2. Print out and put them up at your local gym, cafe, library, pub, child care centre etc
  3. Print out and do a leaflet drop in your street or building
  4. Email a copy to your network
  5. Create a social post

Encourage all your friends and family to visit our website and registration page to find out more.