The 1883 honour is proudly awarded to the players that the coaches deem to have epitomised the spirit of Shammies Rugby (Inner West Rugby Union Club). They play and train their hardest each and every week and always put the team ahead of themselves. This week we profile u9s Will Harriman from the 2019 season:

Will is the 2019 U9 Blue 1883 Award recipient. His commitment to improve and passion for the game are noticeable attributes, but it is the heart he puts into each and every game that really makes him the player he is, and a worthy recipient of the award. Taking on the role of first receiver this season, Will developed as a real organiser who is improving his reading of the game every week. In defence, Will has been phenomenal. His determination to put all comers on the deck, get in the contest for the ball and then go again kept his team in the game on numerous occasions this season. His defence was invaluable, and opens a number of options as to where he could play in U10.

For all 1883 winners please see our honour board page.

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