1883 Player Mylo Booth

The 1883 honour is proudly awarded to the players that the coaches deem to have epitomised the spirit of Shammies Rugby (Inner West Rugby Union Club). They play and train their hardest each and every week and always put the team ahead of themselves. This week we profile u8s Mylo Booth from the 2019 season:

What can be said, but this kid is a true natural. As other coaches have commented to the under 8 coaches, he just gets it (rugby that is)! For Mylo, the coaches recognised the requirement to understand resiliency and to build confidence, was more important than the techniques itself. This has paid off, allowing him to train and play to a high standard. We are certain over time and more training, Mylo will do well in rugby as a forward and most importantly, continue to love the greatest game of earth. Keep it going Mylo!

For all 1883 winners please see our honour board page.

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