100 Game Club – Tom Chanter

The 100 Game Club is for players and coaches that have represented Shammies (Sydney, Inner West, Junior Rugby Union Club) for at least 6 seasons. This week we profile Tom Chanter.

What is your earliest memory of playing for Shammies?
My earliest memory of the Shammies would be when I was playing in the under 7s, running sideways across the field, trying to avoid being tagged.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
Before every game I think about being angry at someone or something, it helps me get pumped up and ready for the game.

What is your favourite moment playing for Shammies?
My favourite moment playing for the Shammies is when I’m running down the field with the ball in my hand and no one in my way. Also, I remember playing for the Shammies in U8s when there was a massive ruck and I roped the ball out and ran away with it, for a few minutes no one even new the ball was out.

Who are your sporting heroes?
My sporting hero is probably Michael Hooper because he is the wallabies flanker and captain and I am a flanker as well. I look up to him for inspiration sometimes.

Any advice for new players joining Shammies?
My advice for any new players is to have fun, make friends but most importantly try your best, if you don’t try your best you will punish yourself at the end of the match. Also join in all the club events.

For all 100 Game players please see our honour board page.

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