The 100 Game Club is for players and coaches that have represented Shammies (Sydney, Inner West, Junior Rugby Union Club) for at least 6 seasons. This week we profile Sam Hassan.

What is your earliest memory of playing for Shammies? 

Perfectly tackling a boy who was much bigger than me.  Years later this same situation would also end in me breaking my arm in a game! 

 Do you have any pre-game rituals? 

Having the ball in my hands and kicking it up in the air to myself.

What is your favourite moment playing for the Shammies?  

When I got tackled but managed to offload the ball under my body before I hit the ground so my team could score a try.  

Who are your sporting heros

The All Blacks.

Any advice for new players joining the Shammies? 

Remember the game is about having fun and not just competition.  

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