The 100 Game Club is for players and coaches that have represented Shammies (Sydney, Inner West, Junior Rugby Union Club) for at least 6 seasons. This week we profile Finnley Harding.

What is your earliest memory of playing for Shammies?

Meeting Tah man at St Lukes oval.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Listen to music in car on way to game.

What is your favourite moment playing for the Shammies?

Kicking a conversion from sideline verses Randwick in an U12 semi final to put us ahead with 2 minutes to go. The Randwick boys were calling out ‘Lolly legs, lolly legs‘ as I kicked so it was very very satisfying.

Who are your sporting heros?

Jonathan Thurston, Jonny Wilkinson, my Dad.

Any advice for new players joining the Shammies?

Go for it. It is great fun with a great bunch of lads. Made a lot of friends through rugby. 

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